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    Wall Street Journal

    A Lifetime of Helping Your Money Matters

    Throughout northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio, there are tens of thousands of individuals and businesses and many more who live and travel throughout the nation who do their banking with 3Rivers. No matter where they are, they have the comfort and convenience of knowing they can connect to their money matters day or night via online, mobile, shared branches, free ATMs and more.

    We’ve welcomed many of those members in the last several months as consumers start to feel the weight of mega bank fees, poor service and – as many are now realizing – the instability of those banks. Recently in the Wall Street Journal, Jennifer Openshaw discussed The Advantages of Banking at Credit Unions with Bill Myers, director of the Office of Small Business Credit Union Initiatives for the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

    She opens by stating that: “As big banks have been hammered over the past couple of years, many consumers have turned to credit unions and community banks as alternatives. Why? Mainly because they were financially healthier, not to mention more focused on customer service.

    To back that up, many of the comments we’ve heard and read from your direct feedback with us support this assertion. You’ve told us you value the fact that your local financial partner is there for you to help you weather the financial storms of your life and business. You’ve told us we’re a stronghold that has your best interests in mind.

    This is the value of the groundbreaking experience you get with 3Rivers. It used to be said that banking with one of the big banks was the only way to ensure your financial security. Well, as many have learned, that’s not exactly true. As Myers tells Openshaw:

    Credit unions are backed by the full faith and credit of the federal government as are banks and savings & loans. But the downturn changed a lot. People rushed to safety. They didn’t trust the big banks. They started saving locally, and local underwriters were in a better position to lend in the local community — and may not have to abide by ‘conforming’ rules and credit methodologies as handed down by Fannie, Freddie, corporate HQ and others.

    3Rivers has been your partner for money matters every day since 1935. We’re still here, and we’re still building a great future for you and for our community. We look forward to being more than a temporary shelter from a storm. We look forward to serving you and your money matters for decades to come.

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