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    Debt in Focus

    The WalletCare Promise: Point 1

    1.   We will complete a comprehensive financial review to help you find better ways to spend, save, and borrow.

    When we say comprehensive, we mean comprehensive. We aren’t interested in just signing a few docs and sending you on your way with a new loan or account. We want to be sure we’re delivering true service to our membership and that means giving you our full attention every time we sit down with you.

    We can answer all of your questions about your money matters, and we may ask a few of our own. To really provide the best financial solutions for your individual situation, we’ll have a productive and interactive conversation using tools that can determine where we might be able to offer better ways to spend, save and borrow. We’ll look at your debts, your savings plan, and we can even look at your household budget to find areas to make some effective changes.

    Want to know more? In the Tools section of our website you can see for yourself what we use to help our members learn about their financial needs. Take a few minutes to check out these great tools, and you’ll see how important a comprehensive financial review can be for your financial health.

    • Debt In Focus
    • Loan Saver
    • Calculators

    In addition, if you’re interested in examining your credit report, we can help with that too. If you’ve ordered your own credit report through the credit bureau or through a free service such as AnnualCreditReport.com, we’d be happy to go through it with you and discuss ways to improve your credit and make a real impact on your money matters.

    Again, WalletCare is no gimmick. It’s not a one-time deal. WalletCare is how we’ve always done business, and it’s how we’ll always do business, because we’re here to do one thing. We’re here to help our members make healthy financial decisions to keep our community strong.

    If you’re interested in sitting down for a WalletCare conversation with us, visit your local 3Rivers branch today!

    Are you financially fit?


    Getting in good financial shape is as important as being in good physical shape. Sometimes, you might have symptoms of financial stress and not even know about it. Join us at the Fort4Fitness Expo on Friday, September 28 from 1-8pm and lets talk more about your financial fitness.  It’s about more than just making sure there is enough money to pay the bills, and we can show you how to use our upgraded (but still free) Debt in Focus tool to take an honest look at all your money matters to help reduce your debt.  We can even help you work on a plan to make your money grow.

    If you can’t make it to the Health Festival, you can still check on your financial health at any time by visiting 3riversfcu.org/debtinfocus.  It’s free, anonymous, and may just help you get in tip-top financial shape.

    Putting Debt in Focus for Better Money Management

    Do you ever get that feeling? The one you know you shouldn’t resist, but you keep doing it because you’re not ready to face the inevitable. Don’t check out on me. I’m going to use the “B” word in a little while. But trust me, it will be a whole lot more palatable than you ever imagined possible.

    A short while ago, I had with a very open and candid conversation with a group of people about how they manage their money. Everyone agreed on two things:

    1. they play games when it comes to managing their money matters, and
    2. they need to start doing better at taking control.
    Debt in Focus

    Debt in Focus quickly and easily puts your everyday money matters into a simple overview that’s organized, evaluates your personal situation and suggests next steps.

    At that time, nobody said it, but we all knew figuring out where to begin is no easy task. And that’s why our Debt in Focus tool was created. It quickly and easily puts your everyday money matters into a simple overview that’s organized, evaluates your personal situation and suggests next steps. Plus, it’s 100% anonymous!

    Just answer simple questions about your income, debts and expenses. We do a bunch of crazy math behind the scenes and provide results so you can easily examine your personal money matters, review potential plans for debt repayment, explore your (wait for it…) Budget (which WE CREATE FOR YOU based upon the info you provide) and give you the opportunity to request more guidance (your personal info is shared with us ONLY if you ask for it – remember, it can be 100% anonymous if you choose).

    Can it get any easier? Give Debit in Focus a try – and get a grip on your finances.

    After that, come back and comment on this post. Share your opinions about Debt in Focus or fess up to some of the “games” you’ve played while managing your money matters.