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    debt consolidation

    Credit Union Crusaders: Be Your Own Financial Batman

    Ben Affleck may be the next great superhero, but you can too!

    If this guy can be Batman, you can be a hero too!

    Have we all calmed down a bit after the announcement of Ben Affleck donning the cape and cowl as the next Batman? After all, Adam West himself has even signed off on Ben…sort of. Look, I’m a Batman fanatic and I understand all the Affleck doubters. Heck, I think Michael Keaton should come back and show them all how it’s done.

    But the recent Caped Crusader news made me think about what we do at 3Rivers. We see our members making heroic financial decisions that result in life-changing moments every day. They stand up to bad debt and high fees and bravely say, “We’re done paying you more than we have to!” They make the move to 3Rivers to show their former financial institution that they are in control of their money matters, not the bank. And they don’t even need a Batmobile to do it, although we could finance it if they did.

    So that begs the question: if Affleck can be Batman, then can’t anyone be a hero?

    We think so. In fact, we’re always providing many “wonderful toys” for people to find better ways to pay off debt and knock out excessive fees. Think of these links as your own personal Utility Belt full of financial Bat-gadgets.

    SavvyMoney Checkup – It’s not easy to keep track of all your expenses and we know the money going out can outpace the money coming in.  The free SavvyMoney Checkup tool will help you break down your finances to get a clear picture of where you stand and what you can do to stand stronger.

    LoanSaver – You’ve probably borrowed at some point. Maybe you’re feeling like those loans are your own personal Arch-Villains waging a war on your wallet. LoanSaver compares your current debt to what we may be able to offer at 3Rivers.

    Savings Calculators – Our calculators can give you the numbers you need to know how much and how long you need to save.

    Lending Solutions – From Auto Loans to Home Loans to Credit Cards, we can find a better way for you to pay off your debt and enjoy the reasons you’re borrowing in the first place.Give your money matters a KAPOW!

    ClearFuture Financial – All great heroes must consider their legacy, and we can help you and your family build a strong financial legacy through investments and trusts.

    Holy Money Matters! This is your chance to give your financial situation a super-powered KAPOW. So find your inner-hero and start making some super-powerful money moves today!

    Dealing with Summer Bills? Compare Loan Rates with LoanSaver

    Your house may be quiet after summer, but those bills will make some real noise

    With the kids heading off to school, your house may feel this empty, but those bills are ready to keep you company.

    School’s back in session and your house is going to be eerily quiet during the day. This may leave you thinking about all the money you spent having fun this summer. Vacations, home improvements, maybe even a new vehicle or two? Those summer bills have been piling up and you may need some relief to deal with that hot-weather debt.


    Our LoanSaver tool allows you to compare the current rates at 3Rivers to your current debt to see how much money you could save by moving your debt. Compare anything from car loans, truck loans, 2nd mortgages, personal loans, and even credit cards to find out how bringing your loans to 3Rivers can make your debt a bit easier to handle.

    Balance Transfer

    If you’ve checked out LoanSaver and found some potential savings with our VISA Platinum credit card, you can apply online and even complete our simple Balance Transfer Form to move those high-interest balances to one of the best credit cards in the country. With no balance-transfer fee and no rate changes for balance transfers, making the switch is easy and stress-free.

    As you store your swimsuits and pool floats, be sure to take some time to check out how 3Rivers might be able to help you pack away some of that burdensome debt too.

    The WalletCare Promise: Point 2

    2.   We will review your debt to find ways to save you money in payment or total interest.

    Debt. Even typing the word makes me shudder a bit. We know how burdensome debt can become, but we also know that debt is a necessary part of most of our financial lives. That’s why we make a point to examine our member’s debt situation during a WalletCare conversation. We aren’t interested in simple saddling our members with more debt. We want to help our members borrow better.

    We know you have to borrow money occasionally. It happens. The key to our conversation is finding the best solution to make that debt manageable. In addition, if you’ve already borrowed somewhere else, but those debts are making life difficult for you, we want a chance to make that debt easier by moving it to 3Rivers.

    How can debt be easier? There are a couple different ways to lessen the financial weight of your debt. First, you can refinance your debt to lower your monthly payments, freeing up more money each month so you can actually save for your future. But monthly payments aren’t the only way to save money. You can also restructure your debt to save a LOT of money over the life of your loan. By shortening the term of your loans, not only will you pay off your debt sooner, but you will also end up paying substantially less interest. These are the benefits of sitting down for a WalletCare conversation and taking the time to examine all of your opportunities.

    If you’re interested in sitting down for a WalletCare conversation with us, visit your local 3Rivers branch today!

    Are you financially fit?


    Getting in good financial shape is as important as being in good physical shape. Sometimes, you might have symptoms of financial stress and not even know about it. Join us at the Fort4Fitness Expo on Friday, September 28 from 1-8pm and lets talk more about your financial fitness.  It’s about more than just making sure there is enough money to pay the bills, and we can show you how to use our upgraded (but still free) Debt in Focus tool to take an honest look at all your money matters to help reduce your debt.  We can even help you work on a plan to make your money grow.

    If you can’t make it to the Health Festival, you can still check on your financial health at any time by visiting 3riversfcu.org/debtinfocus.  It’s free, anonymous, and may just help you get in tip-top financial shape.

    Ready to Take Control of Your Debt Like Our Members Did?

    In 2011, 3Rivers members worked hard to find new ways to control debt instead of increasing their loan burdens.  The infographics below shows just how much debt our members have reduced:


    How does that break down per member, you ask?  Well, here you go…

    What about you?  Are you ready to take control of your debt in 2012?

    We can help you get started and keep the momentum going!  Use our Loan Saver tool to find out how much you could be saving by moving your debt to 3Rivers. Then apply online or visit us in person to talk about making your debt easier to eliminate so you can save money too!

    What would you do with an extra $112 every month?  Leave a comment and let us know!