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    Tuesday Tip: Nationwide Banking Access

    Thanks to Julie from our St. Joe Center Road Branch and Carrie from our Illinois Road branch for contributing these awesome tips!

    While we’re proud to be a local institution, we know our members are constantly on the move. Whether you take a quick trip to Indy or even travel across the country, we want you to be able to access your 3Rivers accounts anywhere. Here are a couple tips to keep you connected to your money no matter where your travels take you:

    Shared Branches

    Station wagon road trip

    Road trips are easier when you know you can access your 3Rivers accounts.

    3Rivers is part of a nationwide network of credit unions which allows our members to make many of their most common transactions at any other network credit union. To find out where shared branches are located, go to our Locations page and search the city or zip where you’ll be traveling. Then look for the Shared Branch icon to pinpoint the credit unions you can visit to make 3Rivers transactions.

    Finding Surcharge Free ATMs

    If you have a cell phone with text messaging, you can easily find ATMs that will allow you to use your 3Rivers Debit Card without paying that pesky Surcharge Fee.

    What’s a Surcharge Fee? It’s the fee that the ATM owner charges for using the machine. Usually it costs about $2-$4 and you are asked about the fee before the ATM will complete the transaction. As part of the nationwide CO-OP ATM network, we allow our members to use certain ATMs without paying that fee (note: a foreign ATM fee may still apply if using a non-3Rivers ATM).

    If you’re unfamiliar with the network ATMs near you, our Locations page also allows you to find network ATMs anywhere. Plus, you can very easily use your cell phone to locate the nearest CO-OP ATM. Just send the address, zip code or even the closest intersection to MYCOOP (692667) and you’ll receive a text that tells you where to find a CO-OP machine.

    3Rivers is not only super convenient with 18 area branches and 24/7 web and mobile access, but we’re even able to travel with you through shared branches and our CO-OP ATM network so you can always be close to your money when you need it.

    Tuesday Tip: Debit vs. Credit

    Special thanks to Jamie from our New Haven branch for sharing this great tip for making debit card purchases!

    Debit cards are everywhere now, and you can use them at almost any store to make a purchase after you answer one simple question: Debit or Credit?

    Here’s what that means:

    Hand scanning a credit card

    We’re all used to swiping by now, but do you know the difference between Debit and Credit at checkout?

    Debit – This means your transaction will be cleared more quickly from your checking account, but you’ll be required to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) before completing the purchase. Using your PIN has two negative consequences. First, the transaction will be treated like an ATM withdrawal, which could result in a Foreign ATM fee since the “withdrawal” isn’t coming from a machine owned by your institution. The other, more serious consequence is the fact that every time you enter your PIN in a public place, you run the risk of someone seeing the number and using it to access your accounts.

    So, the better option is generally…

    Credit – This means you are using the card like a credit card, but you’ll still be taking the funds from your checking account. It may take a day or two for purchases to clear your account, but you could be saving potential fees and headaches by just answering “Credit” when making purchases with your debit card.

    I hope this tip gives you something to think about when you’re standing in the checkout line, and if you ever have any questions about similar money issues, feel free to comment here or even stop in and ask your local 3Rivers branch. We’re always happy to help make your money matters simple.

    A Week of Rhythm Checking: Mobile Access

    You’ve seen our great new Mobile Bill Pay app, but that’s not all you can do from your mobile devices. With 3Rivers Mobile Access, you truly have 24/7 access to many of the basic transactions you need to make everyday.

    Anytime, Anywhere

    Mobile Access anytime, anywhereWith 3Rivers Mobile Access, you can use your smartphone or internet-enabled cell phone to keep track of your Rhythm Checking account balance and complete basic transactions like transferring funds between accounts and making 3Rivers loan payments.

    Plus, if you’re using the Mobile Access App on your Apple or Android device, you can even deposit checks directly into your Rhythm Checking account just by taking a picture with your smartphone!

    Need an ATM?

    If you’re out and about and you need cash quick, Mobile Access can help you find a convenient ATM within our nationwide ATM networks. It will even use the GPS function on your device to find the ATM that is closest to you.

    For more details about all of the 3Rivers Mobile services, including Frequently Asked Questions and download links, visit our Mobile Access page at 3Riversfcu.org. And if you’re ready to open your Rhythm Checking account, you can do that right now!

    A Week of Rhythm Checking: Rhythm Rewards

    As you read yesterday, Rhythm Checking is designed to help you manage your spending needs without losing a step in your everyday life. By using the time and money-saving services we offer, you can earn awesome rewards with Rhythm Checking. All we ask you to do during each monthly qualification cycle is the following:

    • Make 10 Debit Card Purchases
    • Complete either a Direct Deposit, Automatic Payment, Online Bill Pay or Mobile Bill Pay transaction
    • Log in to Online Account Access OR complete a Mobile Access Transaction
    • Receive eStatements instead of mailed paper statements

    If you do these things (which you’re probably doing already), you’ll get:

    ATM Surcharge Fee Refunds

    At 3Rivers, we are affiliated with a surcharge-free ATM network that spans more than 30,000 ATMs across the nation. But sometimes, you may need to use an ATM that isn’t part of that network and the owner of that ATM charges you for the convenience. When that happens, Rhythm Checking has you covered. When you meet the above monthly requirements, we refund those surcharge fees (up to $3/fee, $12/month). So when you see that message on the screen asking if you agree to pay a $3.00 fee for using their machine, you can select “Yes” knowing that you will get that fee back at the end of the month.

    Dividends or Tunes

    As you’re opening your Rhythm Checking, you’ll be asked to select a reward type for your account. You can either select to be paid in monthly Dividends or you can select Tunes. If you’re not much of a digital music downloader, you may rather receive dividends each month. If you do enjoy digital music, and you aren’t planning on keeping a very large balance in the account, the Tunes rewards are a tremendous value for you. Tomorrow we’ll detail the Tunes rewards and how they function within Rhythm Checking. You may find that Tunes rewards will not only make Rhythm Checking more fun, but they will also save you some money on your entertainment expenses.

    Be Fee-Free!

    If you’re tired of paying fees, Rhythm Checking is a great account for you. Not only can you receive rewards for making those money moves you’ve already been making anyway, but you’ll also avoid those pesky monthly maintenance fees. The only time you’d ever have to pay a monthly fee is if you happen to miss those four steps. And if Rhythm is right for you, that’s not likely to happen.

    Of course, we’re always ready to answer your questions about all of our products and services, and if you’ve decided this is the time to open your Rhythm Checking, you can open your account today!

    Think 3Rivers for ATM Fee Relief

    According to a study conducted by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, there are an estimated 420,000 ATMs in the United States. And the fees that banks and credit unions charge non-customers/members for using them (aka, “Foreign ATM Fees”) have increased 20% from an average $1.75 per transaction in 2007 to $2.10 in 2012.

    While some institutions charge as little as 45 cents for non-customer/member use, others have fees as high as $5. In addition to the amounts of the fees going up, more financial institutions are charging them too. Over the past five years, that number has increased from 87% to 96% as banks look to offset increased costs.

    However, as the study also notes, consumers have many ways to obtain cash without incurring fees. 3Rivers is no exception. We have a variety of checking options – each designed to meet specific needs of a varied membership base:

    • 3Rivers Members have access to tens of thousands of surcharge-free ATMs across the nation (note: depending upon which account you have with us, a $1/transaction foreign ATM fee may be applicable if you use those ATMs).
    • Many of our checking accounts don’t charge foreign ATM fees – meaning you have completely free access to ATMs NATIONWIDE – just look for the AllianceOne, CU24 and Co-Op logos on the ATMs (or click here to find a surcharge free ATM near you).
    • With Rhythm Checking, we’ll REFUND ATM SURCHARGES (up to $12 per month, $3 per transaction) if you incur any (monthly qualification requirements apply).

    Wondering if you have the right checking option (whether at 3Rivers or another financial institution? Try out our simple Checking Solution Finder to help you navigate your choices.